NetwerkADF 2019-2020

NetwerkADF, an internship project at Miniemeninstituut in Belgium. We were tasked to create Booket, a reservation system for the main sports hall of the city Boutersem.

NetwerkADF's company page


This was the second time I worked in a team. I had worked with people remote from all over world before, the difference here was that I could communicate face to face. This was a whole different experience, because you not only learn to code but also learn to know each other. We had real life meetings, and we deployed our software at the client in real life! The client was very easy going so we had a seamless relationship.

Teamwork when coding, means git/versioning. Working with others on git can be a pain in the ass if you don't know what you're doing. This was the case with us; We had a few struggles, but eventually we developed a stable workflow.

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